Churik Evelina, 3 years


Evelina is a very smart kid, she knows ABC and learnt  to count up to 20  since she turned 2. She started to talk very early, she has many friends in the kindergarten, and she is fond of dancing.  Evelina can’t wait to solve problems with her eyes, so that she can go to the dancing classes together with her elder sister.

Churik family addressed  to us for help. Arina, 8 years old  and  Evelina 3 years old are sisters. Both parents have a vision disability of 1st degree. Unfortunately, both girls inherited  eye problems.

When Arina was only 2,  doctors  have observed that she had cataract. The little girl has had 4 operations and now she is fine and without eye problems. But for years since then  parents keep paying back money they borrowed for Arina’s interventions.

The father can not work  now, because he also has serious vision impairment. Mother’s salary  together with disability allowances can hardly cover house holding costs, living  and girls’ education.

Despite all these difficulties Churik family is grateful for all they have. Unfortunately,  one more problem occurred  recently. On august 25th the smaller girl Evelina was diagnosed with cataract with complications. She urgently needs operation on her right eye, otherwise she can lose sight.

Evelina’s parents can not cover arising costs, they even can not take a bank loan.

Now, the biggest dream of Churik’s family is to save Evelina’s eye sight, so that she can attend later an ordinary school and  enjoy life as other healthy kids do.

To save Evelina we are opening fund raising for the amount of  37 400 MDL and ask everybody to support our initiative.

Diagnosis: cataract with complications.
37 400 MDL
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