Cojocaru Vlad, 1 year



Vlad Cojocaru was born on August 6, 2012. Shortly after his birth he was diagnosed with the congenital heart defects and his parents took him to Kiev for the surgery. He was only 4 days old, when the first surgery was done. Also, doctors discovered – bowel necrosis. Immediately after that, the second emergency surgery was held in order to restore the bowel. The boy survived, and parents continued their fight for his health: continuously searching for money, hospitals, and medical consultations. Five more interventions had followed.

Now, this boy is well developed: mentally and physically. He is fond of music and likes to play with the ball. He got a special attitude to music, he is constantly surrounded by it. His Mom and Dad are professional musicians. Mama Stella is playing the violin in a symphony orchestra of Opera and Ballet Theatre. His Dad Sergey, is a trumpeter in “Lautar”. Having such parents Vlad just could not help but fall in love with the music. Also, Vlad has a ten-year sister Catalina and they are very close.

But all is not so rosy in this child’s life. Vlad is on a special diet based on quickly digested food, which rather expensive. Vlad constantly is in need of medications: magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins, Creon.

Problem with the intestines is not completely solved yet. He needs a last surgery on the bowel reconstruction and ileostomy closure (opening in the abdomen through which pours intestinal liquids uncontrollably).

Doctors in Kiev are ready to do this surgery. Preliminary cost of the operation is 7493 euros. Parents have 3000 euros already; we need to collect the remaining funds. Amount to be fundraised is – 4493 Euro (~ 86 265 lei).

Vlad Cojocaru is our new little friend, who needs our help!!!

Diagnosis: Loop ileostomy, chronic adhesive disease, acute intestinal (bowel) obstruction.
86 265 MDL
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