Cretu Dina, 2 years



Dina’s parents, Maria and Ivan Cretu, are struggling with complex defects of their daughter’s heart. Dina is just 2 years old, and these 2 years have been incredibly difficult for the whole family. Dina was born so pretty and healthy girl that even experienced doctors did not immediately diagnose that she was born with heart defect: However, after routine check-ups Dina was diagnosed with Atrioventricular septal defects (AVSD). Also, it was determine Dina has Aortic hypoplasia, along with pulmonary hypertension.

Dina had her first operation at the age of 5 months age in Kiev, Ukraine that was unsuccessful. Anesthesia and large doses of antibiotics shattered her already weakened immune system and it tooks months fror her to recover. Due to Dina’s inability to gain weight, the medical team in Kiev were not able to perform the necessary next operational procedure.

Unfortunately, Dina suffered with shortness of breath, digestive problems, and overall bad health. However, her parents do not give up and started searching for other ways to save their one and only child. After examining Dina’s medical history files, a team of German doctors determined Dina could have the required follow-up operational procedure despite her weight.

After a successful 12 hour operation in Berlin at a cost for her parents of 31 000 euro and after a long recovery, Dina started to feel better gaining her strength, appetite, color and was able to breathe better.

After six months of ongoing medical treatment Dina’s parents again went to Berlin for the follow-up sounding. This is a minor operation, which is performed under general anesthesia. The cost was 12, 420 euro and NGO Save Life raised the money for the Cretu family. (News about closing of fundraising).

Dina changed a lot after the minor operation gaining weight and height, speaking andand become more confident walking. Also, Dina amazes and delights her parents every day, learning tp to play the harmonica, sing a song and to recite poems.

Medicine makes wonders! The health of seriously ill Dina improved slowly at the relief of her parents parents and talented doctors. . We are happy for this family, rejoicing for success of a little Dina. And we are ready to help them again, because we understand that the path to recovery is not over yet, because we want to see the little Dina laugh and live a long prosperous life.

Dina’s next operation is scheduled on June 4, 2014. The doctors forecast are the life-affirming. After this operation, the Dina’s heart should be like new and this should hopefully be the final surgical procedure. Without this final surgical procedure, Dina’s health will be at a significant risk level to grow into a healthy baby and teenager.

Please help Dina to grow-up. 27, 060 euros are required for this final lifesaving surgical procedure. We desperately need your help to raise this money for the Cretu Family. Please help us!

Diagnosis: Atelocardia (congenital heart disease)
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