Cushnir Alexandra, 5 years


Being on the 22nd week of the pregnancy, the infant was diagnosed with Congenital heart disease with TOF, which is very severe heart defect. After being born the first week of her life a baby girl spent in the special recuperation department for the new borns. After this she was transferred to the newborns patology department. Alexandra gets medicines from  the very birth.

Doctors from the clinic in Chisinau said, thay would be able to operate a little girl when she reaches 6 kg weight. But, unfortunatelly, time passed and Alexandra did not reach the desired weight. Her state significantly worsened, she started to have short breath. Doctors advised parents to visit Bakulev Institute for Cardio-Vascular Surgery  in Moskow and to check if they can get needed help there.

First operation was done with the support of Russian Charity organization “”. Alexandra had her first intervention when she was 4 months old. She had several manipulations at a time: ligation of arterial duct, Muller operation, narrowing pulmonar artery. After this surgery little girl felt much better, but she did not stop administrating medicines. In 2012 Alexandra started to have short breath again, with loss of appetite, significant retention in  development. Thus necessity of mandatory second operation occured , which took place in october 2012 in the same Moscow clinic. It had no complications.

Currently the little girl is 5 years old. She needs third operation to eliminate one more heart defect in the interventricular septum. She can hardly breathe and any physical effort is troublesome for her.

Alexandra is very active, communicable and joyful girl. She is fond of painting and dancing, but as any physical effort is forbiden for her, mother has to limit her passsion occupation.

The cost of the third intervention is 274 900 RUB (~83 000 MDL). Mother can not afford covering this amount. We will try  to help saving live of little Sasha together.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease, with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot).
83 000 MDL
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