David David, 2 years



It’s one more big story of a little man. David is two years old. He has congenital pathology of biliary system, secondary liver cirrhosis, progressive liver failure, portal hypertension. David needs liver transplantation.

From mother’s letter we found that in 2009 young family welcomed their first baby Lilian. During his first year of life he was diagnosed with biliary atresia. The disease progressed so fast that was transformed in liver cirrhosis, and young parents lost the baby in half a year.

After Lilian death the parents addresses to geneticists. Geneticists stated that the reason was a virus and assured that there is 99% chance that second child will be healthy.

In 2011 David was born. Parents showed him to doctors for the tomography right after birth. The diagnosis sounded: biliary atresia.

Now it has been two years since every month David goes through cleansing process, during which he stays in the hospital with his mom for 2-3 days. Little David bravely fights his illness. He wants so much to stay here with mom, dad and sister. This child has a huge desire to live!

Doctors of the Belgium hospital «Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc» are ready to admit the child for liver transplantation, all the more that mother will be the donor. The hospital bill is for 103 000 EURO. At the moment 7000 EURO were collected with the help of volunteers from different countries which fight together with the parents for David’s life. We need to collect 96 000 EURO more. Also, parents made a request to Romanian hospital «Institutul clinic FUNDENI», where Victoria Ghirghircic went through surgery. Now they await hospital’ response. If the hospital will agree to admit the child then the bill for the surgery will be much less since in Romania this is much cheaper. Meanwhile the needed amount of 96 000 EURO is extremely big for young family. Without our help they will not save the child.

Diagnosis: biliary atresia, secondary biliary cirrhosis, subcompensated form of the 3rd degree
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