Dushak Nikita, 14 years


The touching letter about the love and pity for the boy we received from Irina Dushak. The boy hasbeingdiagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the time of the delivery. Cerebral Palsy significantly inhibits the movement of the child from the very first days of life. It took a long time for the young parents tolearn how to deal with the diagnosis, how to treat and accept the difficulty of their dear boy. Nikita grew up, fearlesslyfighting the disease, he always says: “Mommy, everything is going to be OK”. The parents can not stop being amazed by the happiness and the strength of their little boy. A kid with such unfortunate fate has being fighting it without any complains. The Dushaks are trying their best to allow Nikita to have an active lifestyle. He is a seventh gradestudent in the school his mom is teaching at. The boy always has to have somebody to help Nikita move around, so his dad is next to him when his spouse is busy.

The last investigation hasdiscovered that Nikita has an infectious disease damaging his hip joint and the tissues around it, called osteomyelitis of the hip joint. The consequences of the disease are horrible and the boy had to be aided right away.

The doctors dictated athreestaged treatment: the first step isan operation reconstructing the hip joint and transplantating of the bone tissue that was successfully executed on February 5th, 2018 in the Medical Center in the name of Turner, Sankt Petersburg. After the operation, although the boy’s body was weak, he was feeling good, hopeful and ready for his next operation,after which according to the doctors Nikita will have the opportunity to stand up on his feet. He is optimistic and ready to fight, but the price of the operation is above and beyond for the family. The operation for removing the screws and the structures fixating the joint, is scheduled for July 9th. It is impossible to hold over the operation, owing to the fact that it will be very dangerous for Nikita.

Help the family to save Nikita from the disease and to give the boy the opportunity to stand up on his feet. Grand Choral Synagogue of St.-Petersburg within charity project “Rahamim” declared fundraising for one surgery necessary for Nikita Dushac. From our part we would like to assists his parents in payment for second surgery. With this purpose we will fundraise 160 000 RUB ( ~ 45 000 MDL).

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy, osteomyelitis of the hip joint
45 000 MDL
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