Katya Shevchenko


Today we have to inform you about a tragedy in Katya Shevchenko’s family. In the morning of May 6, 2013 Katya has died in the Cardiologic Centre of Kyiv without being revived. The baby’s heart could not survive; the heart-disease was too hard.

A month ago Katya became worse. She stopped eating and became weaken. Some neurologic problems appeared and disturbed her. Because of this the baby was not sleeping enough and became capricious. On April 2, 2013 in an urgent matter she was brought by her mother to the hospital in Kyiv beforetime (the operation was appointed for June 2013). The doctors in Kyiv had to maintain an urgent operation which lasted 17 hours. An artificial mitral valve was inserted to the baby. The doctors did everything to make her heart continue to beat.

On April 18, 2013 we received a message from Katya’s mother “Aliona, we came through the illness. Katya withstaned the operation, which lasted 17 hours. Her condition is stable, an implant was inserted. The heart could not start working at once. Now the heart works thanks to the high drug doses».

It was a tense period and we were sure that Katya will survive.

On April 22, 2013 we received another message from Katya’s mother “No changes. Her condition is extremely hard. We believe and wait that heart will start working with a new valve”.

There were no news from the Shevcenko family for a while and on May 7, 2013 we have contacted the clinic and were informed that Katya has died.

The doctors did their best and we know that. Katya became like their daughter. At the same time, she was their victory upon maintaining the hardest operation one year ago, but now she is their loss. Katya died without being revived. She was sleeping artificially from which she was not able to wake up because her heart became weaken and all attempts to bring her into consciousness made her condition dramatically worse.

On May 9, 2013 Katya will be buried.

The team of NGO “SaveLife” and also on behalf of the administration and colleagues of Moldcell company we bring our condolences to the parents of Katya – Victoria and Veaceslav Shevcenko, to her relatives and friends. We grieve with you. The bright memory to the little angel Katyusha.

It is hard to discuss the subject of money in such situation. But being a person responsible for finances we have to decide what to do with collected money. 166 690 Lei were collected for Katya. 80 000 are transferred to Nikita Pogorevich who needs an urgent liver transplant. 34 050 Lei are transferred to Fedya Gensari and the fundraising for him will be closed by this and soon he will leave for Kyiv for a surgery. The remained 52 640 Lei we transfer to Maria Grigorieva for investigations in Switzerland.