Bashmakov Eldar, 10 years


Mother’s story: «My son Eldar is 9 years old. We live in Transnistria, Republic of Moldova, Slobodzenskoe district, Parkani village. His history began not long time ago. We observed that he started and twitch with his eyes and shoulders when he was 3 month old. We went to «Mother and Child Center» in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, and have heard the awful diagnosis – Epilepsy. It was like a condemnation. The medical examination was performed in a Moscow clinic and relevant treatment was prescribed, but it didn’t helped. Every attack were so severe that he was losing his consciousness. The number of attacks increased up to 40 per day. Due to medical treatment the attacks rate decreased a bit but complications started to develop.

Eldar can’t go to school due to his health condition. His brain is malfunctioning because of epilepsy.

The Epilepsiezentrum Kork Clinic, in Germany is specialized in this particular disease. Here he is scheduled to undergo a full examination and to receive correct treatment, that could help him to get ride of attacks. If the treatment will not help the surgery will be done to block the attacks. It is need to be done in a very short period of time, because with every single attack kills his brain cells, and this process is irreversible.

The examination and treatment is evaluated to 15340 Euro. In case of a surgery, the cost of treatment could be raised.

We live together with Eldar. I’m a single mother, his father left us when he found out about his illness. I don’t work because I take care of my son. Our income is pension and social benefit, and help of our grandmother who is retired.

Every morning when I woke, I start to pray to God that the attacks will decrease because it depresses him physical and moral. Every mom hope for a miracle that will sometimes happen and illness will go away and we’ll be happy since every day. All his little and teenage life became is fighting the attacks.


We couldn’t collect this amount of money for examination and treatment without your help and active involvement».

Currently, money collection process is closed. We would like to thank televisions Moldova1 and TVC 21, broadcasting station Europe Plus, Radio21,Hit FM, Radio Alla, newspaper «КП в Молдове», and magazine «Sanatate» and etc. Thanks for all of those who helped Eldar and believed in him. We wish him quick recovery
Liudmila and Eldar prepare all the document for visa now. They will be in Germany soon.

Diagnosis: epilepsy
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