Zaritschii Evgenii, 1 year


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History told by the father:
«Hello! My name is Taras Zaritschii (33 years old), I work as a hairdresser. My wife Aliona (22 years old) is a manicure maker. Now she is unable to work. She should take care of her son, who was born on June 8, 2010. When our son Jenea was three months, we noticed that the right eye a little bigger than other. But then the child’s eyes frequently soured and could be swell on that cause, we did not make account of that. But when he was five months, the difference in the eyes size became more evident and we applied to doctors.

In Moldova the doctors said that it is most likely, congenital glaucoma and the urgent surgery is needed in order not to lose sight. Quickly we packed up and flew to Moscow because in our country such cases are very rare. For this purpose we had to borrow more than four thousand dollars. For the consultation at the Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases (a leading institute in the field of children’s ophthalmology) we were accepted immediately, but to make the examination under anesthesia, we had to wait three weeks and should do a lot of analysis.
In order not to lose time, we appealed to the commercial and quite authoritative children’s clinic «Yasnyi vzor,» where Jenea had to do the examination under the anesthesia, and also the doctors cleaned the tear ducts of other eye out of pus. There was no need to wait long, but it was very expensive. The surgeon said that he saw no signs of glaucoma in the eye and advised us to make an MR(i) scan. There was no sign of abnormalities on MR(i) -scan. The result of these examinations gave us the false hope.
On December. 10, 2010 Jenea followed the examination at the the Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases at Moscow. The diagnosis was the developed congenital glaucoma. The surgeon appointed the operation on January 17, after all New Year celebrations.

Shortly before New Year Jenea suffered an attack. Literally for one hour the leukoma formed on the child’ eye. By phone we tried to agree on urgent surgery, but doctors did not agree. We have offered to do surgery on January 12, just after New Year celebrations. But in the beginning of January Jenea became ill by virus infection, which was accompanied by high fever and complications. Therefore, the operation had to be postponed for February 9. During an illness Jenea suffered another attack, because the doctor prescribed the medication to lower the temperature, which was strictly contraindicated in glaucoma.

Jenea had to have surgery two months ago, he continues rapidly lose sight without the operative intervention. At the moment the only thing we have is a debt and an enormous desire to help our son … The amount required for the operation and transportation costs is 1,060 euro.

We need help, but have anyone to help us. We decided to appeal to people, who are able to help us and who feel compassion.»

Diagnosis: developed congenital glaucoma
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