Evglevschi Vladimir, 18 years


Dear friends, funds collection for Vladimir Evghlevskii is officially closed!

Evghlevskii Vladimir was born on August 24, 1993 in Negreni village,Telenesti district. Since childhood he has known what pain and hardship is. His father left him, and his mother doesn’t have a permanent job.

Vladimir’s mother tells the story: Our financial condition is very difficult, sometimes we miss even basics necessities in our life. Due to financial constrains, we live in my parent’s home. Until he was 7,
he suffered from asthma. Since childhood he is fighting a very rare medical condition – keratoconus. Unfortunately, neither we nor the doctors were able to observe the beginning of this disease and how it
progressed. Without much needed medical help, my son will lose his vision and he will be surrounded by a grey and fuzzy world.

When he was 13 years old, we have noticed that his vision started to worsen, but due to lack of money we couldn’t afford to pay the doctors in order to do all the necessary investigations. When Vladimir was 16
years old, he was supposed to pass the military medical exams, where he was diagnosed with – keratoconus.

From 09.06.2010 till 09.11.2010 Vladimir was in the hospital «E.Kotsaga» Ophthalmology Section with diagnosis of keratoconus. On November 16, 2011 surgery was performed in the ophthalmology center
«Eye Microsurgery» (Kishinev).Unfortunately, the surgery wasn’t successful. From 02.21.11 till 03.01.2011 Vladimir was hospitalized in the «Mother and Child» Center, Department of Urology, diagnosed with
polycystic kidney disease, chronic pyelonephritis Ist degree.

From 03.23.2011 till 03.27.2011 he was hospitalized in «E. Kotsaga» medical center, Ophthalmology Department with keratoconus stage III-IV increased amblyopia. In order to stop the disease from progressing and significantly reduce keratoconus, he is in need for another surgery.However this type of surgery can be performed only abroad.Unfortunately our family is not bale to pay for the much needed surgery.

In June 2011, Vladimir had an investigation in the MRI of Eye Diseases of Helmholtz, Moscow, Russia. Vladimir vision was bad, but stable. The left eye sees 3%, while the right sees nothing. Doctors are guarantying that the boy will be able to see. He has scheduled for keratoplasty on February 8, 2012. Upon request of our organization, we received the bill for the surgery and the needed implant. Total amount is 56 500 RUB.

We call on everyone to help to pay for Vladimir so much needed surgery.

Note: Keratoconus – is a degenerative non-inflammatory eye disease in which thecornea becomes thinner and takes a conical shape. Keratoconus can cause severe visual impairment. In most of the cases, patients complain of photophobia, double vision, blurring the image. The disease is most common form of corneal dystrophy.
Keratoconus affects about one person in a thousand, irrespective of nationality and residence.The diagnosis is usually made in his youth, and the most severe stage of the disease reaches to twenty or thirty years.

Diagnosis: Keratoconus*
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