Filipencov Aveli, 10 years


Recently we got a help request from the mother of a boy with beautiful name Aveli. He is 10 and he has infantile cerebral paralysis with tetraparesis. Besides this diagnosis Aveli has problems with his eyesight, having squint. To solve this problem he needs an operation. The intervention could be done in Ovisus eye surgery clinic, costing 18 145 MDL.

Aveli family has difficult financial situation. His mother is a social worker and takes care of Aveli. She is assisting her son every day walking him to the school and back home. His father has no official labor contract , but some work to do occasionally. The family has 2 kids and lives in the hostel , from where they have to leave soon. Parents are looking for another home.

Aveli is attending ordinary school, but because of his eye problem he faces difficulties every day. He reads and writes with big effort. He does not feel self-confident, fact which impacts a lot his communication with colleagues.

At home he likes to do various things, almost all of them are in “don’t’s list”. He likes watching cartoons, especially the ones which contribute to his development, and also he likes reading books.

We are opening fund raising for the operation of Aveli in the amount of 18 145 MDL. We ask you all for support. Let’s help this little boy to get more confidence, to see the world the way many other children see it.

Diagnosis: Infantile cerebral paralysis with tetraparesis, squint.
18 145 MDL
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