Garabadjiu Victoria


On April 18th, little Victoria passed away. She tried, but she did not have enough strength. This test was too difficult for a young girl. Victoria’s mother wrote, “It’s hard for me to write about it, but I have to tell you that Vicky has become an angel today at 9am.” It worsened at night, she was reanimated and everything seemed to be improving, but the ultrasound of her heart showed that it was failing … Indicators have gradually fallen in. I held her in arms for the last time, after resuscitation, she has not regained her consciousness … she was not in pain.

Victoria Garabajiu was born! The girl whose destiny we were concerned about even before birth, was born in Germany few days ago. We were fundraising for the purpose to provide possibility for her mother in getting necessary medical care, which immediately after birth would perform urgent surgery and save the baby from complicated heart disease. Heart disease children are not yet operated in Moldova. The only solution doctors can suggest is to abort pregnancy. However modern medicine of other countries could help this family.

First auxiliary surgery is scheduled on February 4. Main intervention on heart disease elimination supposed to be performed when Vika will be 4-months old. It’s because wrong heart vessels detection while medical examination, besides main diagnosis. It is highly supposed the baby should be under permanent medical monitoring of German doctors until the main intervention. Good news baby has appetite and reacts to the world around. Unfortunately, the situation could get worse at any moment.

Alexandra and Daniel Garabadjiu are asking for help in saving of their daughter and give her chance to survive.
Please support little Victoria in this tight days, which will influence her life in future!

We start fundraising for a part of necessary sum at the amount of 300 000 MDL.