Gherega Ksenia, 2 years


Little Ksenia was born in a very happy and friendly family. In spring parents intended to start going to the kindergarten with their daughter. But in January 2015 her mother noticed that Ksenia had a squint. They visited ophthalmologist. After a number of investigations a final diagnosis had been set- retinoblastoma. Doctors from Moldova could not help Ksenia. On May 11th little girl together with her parents left for Essen (Germany). The University clinic from Essen is considered to be one of the best in Europe in treatment of retinoblastoma. It was not easy to get there, but parents did all they could.

On May 28th doctors from German clinic fixed in her right eye a special radio-disc ( brachytherapy), costing more than 5000 Euro. Now a little girl needs to have a number of planned investigations with 6 weeks interval between them. This is absolutely necessary in order to exclude return of the disease, which is a frequent case in retinoblastoma. The average cost of one investigation is 315 euro ( 2520 euro per year). Ksenia also needs additional urgent investigations, which were not performed due to lack of money, their cost is 1230 euro. Parents could hardly cover cost of the first operation and the transport expenses.

Unfortunately, Ksenia’s parents do not have financial possibilities to carry on treatment of their little daughter. Thus, we are opening collecting of funds to cover investigation costs for 1 year and urgent diagnostic tests, with total amount of 3750 Euro ( 77 550 MDL).

Doctors from Germany already did the most important thing- they saved Ksenia’s eye. Let’s help Gherega family to keep this miracle!

Diagnosis: retinoblastoma ( cancer of eye retina)
77 550 MDL
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