Gherta Ion, 4 years


Already at early times, when Vanea was still in the womb, doctors told his mother that the child will be born with heart problems. Shortly after delivery Angela was informed about the diagnosis of her new-born baby: right type common ventricle, left ventricle hypoplasia, double inflow of right ventricle. Malposition of magistral arteries. Big anatomic defect of interventrical septum. Secondary defect of the interatrial septum. Serious pulmonary hypertension. Mother tried her best to save her son’s life.

Modern surgery can help Vanea, but Moldova does not have specialists of this kind. When being of 6 months old Vanea was transported to the Pediatric Cardiology Center in Kiev having a severe pneumonia. There a baby boy was operated. Surgeons tried to narrow pulmonary artery. Parents paid for this intervention 4640 euro.
When Vanea was 1.5 years old he had his second operation. The intervention and treatment cost was 9372 euro ( 50 000 MDL was collected and offered by “Save life” organization). After this phase there was a light period when baby grew up and developed well. He was in good state.

Currently Vanea is 4 years old. He needs 3rd operation. According to the estimation of specialists this should be the last needed intervention to remove the congenital defect. Operation costs 7094 euro. Parents do not have possibilities to cover it fully on their own. They have 2100 euro available. Thus, we need to collect remaining 5000 euro (~ 110 000 MDL).

We can help this little heart to bit in unison with his mother’s heart, to fell asleep quietly, and to never ever recall this disease.

Diagnosis: Congenital heart disease
110 000 MDL
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