Ghirghircic Victoria, 10 years



It’s scary when a child realizes that he may die. It’s scary when a daughter tells her mother: «Why do you always bring me me to hospitals, I’ll die anyway.»
Victoria is 10 years old. She is tired of beeing ill all the time and receiving treatment. She has Cryptogenic cirrhosis. The girl follows a strict diet. Victoria is every 3 months in the hospital.
For many years doctors have suspected that the child born prematurely has hepatitis (born with enlarged liver). And only when ahe was 7 it was put thr diagnosis: cirrhosis.
Her mother is not giving up, the girl is under the supervision of physicians. In May, Victoria has been under the supervision of Mary Hospital (City of Iasi). Recently she returned from Romania, where she had a complete examination at the Fundeni Institute.
Victoria requires liver transplant. No one in the family is suitable as a donor. The girl will be on the waiting list for liver transplant.
The family has two big problems: time and money. Surgery should be performed before puberty (12-13 years). Otherwise – death will occur. The Roumanian Hospital «Fundeni Institute» can perform the transplant surgery. It will cost 50 110 euros.
The only man in the family is Artyom, who is 2 years old. Mother has no one she could count on. By herself, she must fight the disease and the pessimistic mood of the girl. Victoria often speaks of death. Her mom is trying to distract her with pleasant activities: painting, embroidery. Victoria is doing well but neurological and psychological problems feel constantly.
The difficult history of the struggle for life can have a happy end, just like in the movies. The director of this film can be anyone.

Diagnosis: Cryptogenic Liver Disease
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