Golban Ana, 7 years



Dancing was Anna’s passion. Beautiful music, colorful costumes and dance steps were left in the past … so far. Anna has a different dream now: she wants to become a doctor to learn how to treat children with cancer.

Anna was born a healthy kid on February 21st, 2006. When she was 6 years old a hardening in kidneys area was noticed accidentally. At the local hospital parents were told that this kind of tumor is growing rapidly. Investigations were done at the Center for Maternity and Child. Anna was diagnosed with the 3rd grade of kidney cancer with metastases. Urgently was done a surgery. Afterwards, little later she went through eight rounds of chemotherapy and 20 courses of radiotherapy, and then again 6 cycles of chemotherapy. And Anna was discharged from the hospital. No, she was not cured, in fact, doctors honestly admitted that this is a difficult case, and our medicine cannot help this child. At this point, metastases were in the stomach already.

Parents found a clinic “LIV Hospital” in Turkey, which is ready to take the girl for treatment. The cost is 15 225 euros.

Family has difficult financial situation and cannot afford this treatment on their own. In this family works only father, mother is taking care of kids. They’ve got 3 children; youngest is only 10 months old.

Still, this family managed to find 6000 Euro. Anna’s parents appealed to us and asked to help in collecting of the remaining amount. We need to raise another 9225 Euro (~ 172 000 lei).

What if the homeland doctors cannot help? Where to run in order to save life of the beloved kid? Where can this large Moldovan family find this unreal for them amount of money for treatment? And the most critical question: Can the life to cost money???

We know that each parent of a seriously ill child is asking himself these questions constantly. We know that they are at a loss. We understand them quite well. And we hope that, everyone who looks at our web page, will understand their pain and will decide to help.

Diagnosis: 3rd Stage of Kidney Cancer.
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