Goloman David, 7 months


There is a family of our compatriots living in Germany. They had to move there to have their eldest daughter treated. The girl is four. A difficult delivery resulted in cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. Annabelle does not speak, cannot walk and eats with difficulty. Since her birth the parents have been taking her to various treatment centers but without any results so far. The Golovan family hopes to take their daughter to Beijing. They don’t know yet how to raise the money for the trip because the destiny willed it that a new ordeal fall upon them.

On January 29th, 2015 a boy David was born to the family. He was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (a malignant tumor of the retina) of both eyes. Since June 29th, the baby has been undergoing treatment at the Essen University Hospital in Germany. Unfortunately, one of his eyes cannot be saved any more, but the doctors promise to cure his second eye.

The family had 20 thousand euros which went for paying for the examination and the operating of removing the eye. The father and the mother takes care of their both children. They do not have the possibility to work. Every two weeks they have to pay 550 euros for changing the ocular prosthesis and 20 euros per day of staying at the hospital. But the most important thing is that to save the second eye chemotherapy sessions are needed and their cost is 29 807 euros per session. The family which is raising two very sick children does not have this amount.

If the family does not find the necessary money the doctors will be forced to stop the treatment and send the little one home. And this means that the child will lose his sight and will not survive.

To help David we are announcing a fund-raising campaign for 200 000 lei which will go for a partial payment of the family’s hospital bill. It is very difficult for our organization to raise such a big amount. We hope that we will be able to raise at least part of the necessary money. We also do not lose hope that other funds will join in and help the Golovan family

We kindly ask you to help raising the money for saving the boy’s eyesight and life!

Diagnosis: Retinoblastoma (a malignant tumor of the retina) of both eyes
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