Grecu Ecaterina, 4 years


We met with Grecu family some years ago, when much awaited girl Kate came to this world.

Shortly after birth she was diagnosed with retina cancer. We supported her parents to cover treatment costs in the German clinic. One eye unfortunately had to be removed. She wears prostheses, which has to be changed every 3-4 months.

Now Kate is 4. Recently we received a letter from her mother.

“I would like to sincerely thank all who helped us in difficult times. Kate is alive- and this is possible due to your support. I cannot imagine what would have been if there was no financial help from all of you.

Katiusha grew up and is attending the kindergarten. She is very courageous, and lively kid. She likes painting and watching cartoons. We have one more child in our family, he is 1 year and 8 months.

We keep travelling to Germany to Essen every 3-4 months for the control check ups. Doctors warned us not to miss any due control, as relapse’s risk is still high. Unfortunately during last 3 years Katja had 5 relapses, with immediate application of brachytherapy and laser. At each check up blood test is taken, and Katja is consulted by oncologist and ophthalmologist. According to the doctors Ecaterina’s state is good now, but she needs constant control, not to miss possible reactivation of the disease.

Each investigation costs 300-400 EUR, with eye prosthesis of 385 EUR in addition. Our family does not have possibility to cover all arising costs. I kindly ask you to help us to buy air-tickets, which are 13-14 000 MDL back and forth. You are our remaining hope. Sincerely yours, Silvia Grecu, Ecaterina’s mother.”

We decided to help Grecu’s family and are opening fundraising for Katja to cover airplane tickets for 10 flights Chisinau-Essen-Chisinau, with approximate cost of 140 000 MDL.

Diagnosis: bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina)
140 000 MDL
To raise:
43 442 MDL
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