Gurau Daniel, 8 months



A young Gurau family living in Glodeni district has requested our assistance this spring. Their long-awaited baby was born in March of the current year. The pregnancy proceeded without any complications, the medical examinations showed no pathological findings.

Daniel was born on March 01, 2013 with a weight 3.800 gr, and 53 sm. During the following 40 minutes after the birth the doctors show a reason to suspect esophageal atresia. The baby urgently was taken to the Center of Mother and Child where on March 02, 2013 he has been operated. It was not possible to connect the esophagus and the decision to take the child to the specialized Filatov hospital in Moscow was taken.

Because of the critical condition of Daniel an urgent fundraising was declared. Therefore, a gastrostomy has been inserted through which the parents were feeding the baby. Due to the fact that the food goes directly into the stomach, the saliva produced for splitting the food, is collected in the respiratory tract. All sputum comes into the lungs and this has developed pneumonia.

Daniel was operated in May. In September he had a repeated examination at Filatov hospital.
During the examination esophageal stenosis (which is narrowing in the area where it was sutured) has been established. It does not let food pass into the stomach; it stops the food in the esophagus and after the baby spits up. The Gurau family was obliged to stay in Moscow for a long time because the baby needed a regular gullet bougienage. The rental housing is very expensive in a huge megapolis, but the parents of Daniel are desperately struggling for the health of their extraordinary boy, and they enjoy his success. Now the boy is eight month old. Finally he is allowed to eat through mouth with a spoon. Daniel has already three teeth. He is very active, cheerful and smiling. We would love to help him to recover.

Now Daniel needs a long term course of treatment. Its cost is 162,000 rubles (~ 64,800 ley). The boy’s parents do not know where to get the money, the last months of treatment and living in Moscow run them into huge debts. We can not stop there. Daniel’s health and life are at stake.

Diagnosis: Esophageal atresia
64 800 MDL
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