Gutu Gabriel, 1 year



Again cancer. A scary disease became a life companion of the one year of Gabriel Gutu. The boy has leukemia.

Gabriel is in the hospital where he has been taken after his first birthday. His first steps were in the hospital corridors, his first words were pronounced in the hospital wards.
The baby’s life is in danger. Moldova does not have appropriate conditions for providing chemotherapy for such babies.
In spite of this Moldovan doctors preventing the worst could defend Gabriel’s life from the terrible disease. Now everything depends on the drugs that the child should receive and on the strict adherence of the treatment protocol. But the boy’s body does not perceive drugs partly existing in the Section of Pediatric Hematology. Drugs of the European manufacturers are URGENTLY NEEDED. We resort to those people who have possibilities to acquire the necessary drugs in the European countries (Germany, Austria, France, Spain, United Kingdom). You can contact us through the telephone number: +373 68 846 846 or though e-mail:

The preliminary cost of all the necessary drugs is 4000 Euro. The required drugs:

Leucovorin – 30 mg, 4 fl.
Cytosar 500 mg – 24 fl. (or 1000 mg – 16 fl.)
Cytosar 100 mg– 12 fl.
Oncospar (PEG Asparaginaza)
-750 ME – 4 fl. (or 3750 ME – 2 fl.)

NGO «Save Life» together with a charitable fund «Golfstrim» will assist in fundraising and in acquisition of the required products. Our colleagues from Russia help our children not for the first time. We thank them for their help and support.
Look at this handsome boy. He is charming even being sick. Look at his sad eyes. Can you pass by his trouble?

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia L2
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