Iliasenco David, 4 months



It is terrible and unfair. But the diagnosis of retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina) was heard again in a happy Moldovan family. Parents of four year old David Ilyashenko from Ungheni are fighting for the life of their first child. The boy was born healthy, was gaining weight very well, and was giving happy moments to his mom and dad. Unfortunately during a routine checkup at the ophthalmologist, he was diagnosed with cancer. Diagnosis was confirmed in clinics from Chisinau, Odessa, and as well at the Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases. Such a disease can’t be treated in Moldova.

David and his father are already in Germany for investigations (mother couldn’t go with them because some issues with her documents) at the Ophthalmology Clinic from Essen. According to doctor conclusions, David needs an urgent surgery and postoperative care. Preliminary costs of the surgery are about – 40 000 Euro. Parents have 10 000 Euro and they need to collect another 30 000 Euro.

Parents are asking for help: «We believe that God will not leave us in this blight, that people will not turn away from our grief, that our child will grow up healthy and will be able to thank each of you who saved his life and helped him to see all the colors of the world.»

Mom’s letter is very reserved and laconic. She pulled herself together, she is determined to win. But when your son is away, when he is having cancer, mom’s heart is in despair ….Probably we, parents of healthy children, can never understand such a pain. We can only touch it … and help. Help a little. Just a little bit. Give a chance to this family to be happy again.

Diagnosis: bilateral retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina)
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