Nesterova Irina, 2 years


Mother’s letter:
“Hello! My name is Oxana Nesterova. I and my husband with two little children live in Balti city. Unfortunately, our two years old daughter is suffering from inborn cavernous hemangioma. This is benign new formation that Irina has on the left side of her face close to her eye. She has undergone her first surgery when she was 2 months old in the hospital for children Emilian Cotanga. When she was one year old, in Moscow Irina was operated for the second time. After two general anesthesias our very calm Irina, started to be whining and capricious. If God forbid by any accident she hits her face, immediately she starts to scratch the hemangioma area. Due to this kind of situations her hemangioma gets much tensioned. The issue is that her hemangioma is not only making her look ugly, but is also growing as long as my baby grows. We suffer very much for our daughter and we will do everything that is in our power to make her little face look beautiful and have a clean appearance.
Now Irina needs to be operated in a Russian hospital for children. The surgery will cost about 7 000 lei. Due to the fact that we live on my husband salary and benefit for my one year old son Sergiu (250 lei), we can’t afford to pay the cost of the surgery. This is why we ask generous people to help collect this amount of money and give a chance to our Irina to become healthy and happy.”

Child illness that has connection with face is always a heavy psychological trauma for the children himself and his parents. However, many diseases can be treated and this allows the child to be fully integrated in the society. We believe that not indifferent people from our country will help Irina.

Diagnosis: inborn cavernous hemangioma
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