Ivashku Inessa, 1 year


New year began for Ivashku’s family with deep grief. On January 3rd 2018, in the morning, mother took her weak daughter in the arms to warm a bit. Resting in the mother’s arms , with eyes widely opened she passed away.

Parents fought for their baby’s life many months. Inessa has had a cardiological intervention to repair congenital defect. But her very difficult health state did not allow continuation of the treatment. Inessa was too weak. When it was clear, that there are no chances for survival mother took her daughter home to spend last days of her life together.

Financials: 135 000 MDL was collected, out of which 16 000 MDL was spent for investigations. The biggest contribution was made by one company. Taking into account the situation, the amount was returned back to the donor. The remaining amount will be transferred on the account of Irina Cheles.

Arhiv: Inessa Ivashku was born on April 22 in 2015. Doctors did not observe any deviation in her health state. Only parents noticed that she is growing slowly. After some investigations heart pathology was detected. Doctors said that in order to survive and get well she will have to pass through several operations.

To make needed operation girl needs to get weight. Time passed, but disease did not let Inessa put some weight. When she was 7 months, she had only 5 kg. Parents addressed to the cardiologist again, but he refused to perform the operation- she was too small and it was very dangerous for her, as our specialists did not have needed equipment. Ivashku family was in a vicious circle: low weight was contraindication for the operation, but disease was an impediment to gain weight.

Time kept running, Inessa got worse. Parents did not have money for a trip to Kiev, where they could get needed assistance. With the help of relatives and friends they could collect part of needed amount. Though baby girl entered the clinic rather late, and despite reserved prognosis of specialists, Inessa was operated on February 1st. The intervention was successful, baby felt better and started to grow.

But this was a short-term effect. Now she needs next operation. Inessa’s parents addressed to us for help to collect needed amount for her little heart. We are kindly asking you to give a hand to the little girl and help saving her. The needed amount is 6369 EUR (~ 135 500 MDL).