Capmoale Maria, 9 years


All parents are dreaming for their children to be healthy and wealthy. But in today’s world we have more and more kids being born with disease, already. Unfortunately among them is Masha Capmoale, having congenital lipoma (a benign tumor, which can develop and grow in size). It is situated on her neck, back, arm and fingers. It affects her exterior look, causes suffocation and does not allow her to move and develop well.
In 2012 “Save life” association together with Russian fund “Predanie” raised funds for investigation and first operation for Masha. It was done in Rogachev clinic in Moskow. In 2014 „Save life” helped again and gathered funds for her second operation.

After each intervention Masha felt much better. The painful asphyxia disappeared , she had the desire to play and have fun with other kids, she slept much better.

In autumn 2016 her state worsened considerably, as the tumor grew and started to press on nerves and vessels. Masha’s sleep was affected, she smiles less and less. Each operation bears serious risks for Masha, as the tumor tissue is mixed with muscles, nerves and vessels. Each anesthesia and post-rehabilitation period affects Masha’s heart and psychological state. Doctors still cannot say why the tumor appeared, which factors influence its growth and how to stop it.

Masha is very kind and positive kid, she deserves to be happy and healthy. This year she went to school. Unfortunately, our society is still reserved in accepting special children. Nevertheless Masha could make friends- Vitalina and Sofia are always next to her. She likes making things for dolls, painting and singing. She has a dream to become a singer. Her favorite piece is “Music of angels” of Mozart. And this is probably not a simple coincidence, as this music is reminding Masha’s internal world – tender and heartwarming.

Svetlana Capmoale, Masha’s mother, together with her aunt and granny hope very much that “Save live” together with kind people will help them. We are opening fundraising to cover the cost of intervention in the amount of 575 150 RUB (~184 050 MDL).

Diagnosis: Macrocystic lymphangioma in neck and spine
184 050 MDL
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