Catarau Andrei, 4 years


In our experience we have had already requests to help kids with arthrogryposis. We are following together the evolution of Vanya Statnic, who is currently under intensive treatment. Arthrogryposis is a real misfortune.

It came unfortunately to Catarau family. The youngest son Andrey was very much awaited baby. His mother was very cautious and took care of her health, having all investigations in time, but doctors did not observe any pathology in her baby during pregnancy.

After the birth, his mother could understand immediately that something is not OK with her baby, judging by the doctor’s reaction.

His arms were straight, the joints could not be visualized and fingers were deformed. Andrey was consulted by the best orthopeaedists of Moldova. Unfortunately local doctors could not offer any efficient solution. Andrey’s family had to look for help outside. Finally, during consultation in the G.I. Turner Institute from St. Petersburg doctors gave a hope. They said that the boy would be able to re-gain the normal style of life but for this he needs to go through 6 operations. Andrey has had already 5, each costing 200 thousands RUB. Our organization has helped Catararu family and collected money many times for Andrey. Each time our help was taken by the parents with deep gratitude to all contributors.

Today Andrey has great results. He is attending kindergarten, he can eat, play, swim, he is trying to write and paint. Not all of his trials are successful, but he keeps going and does not give up.

Every day he has an exhausting and painful gymnastics, but he is not complaining as he wants very much to use his arms at full capacity.

On June 19th Andrey will have one more treatment course. Parents are able to cover a part of needed cost and the hospital is ready to admit Andrey even without full payment in advance. But the whole amount should be paid anyway, without this the treatment will not be completed. Catararu family is asking for help. Andrey needs it very much!

Diagnosis: arthrogryposis.
30 000 MDL
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