Cheles Irina, 8 years


We already know Ira. Since she was 2-years old the girl is fighting with extremely rare and complex disease. Once we helped Kelesh family to provide medical treatment for Irina. Again we have received her mother’s letter with pray for help.

The disease began with voice disappearance. In Moscow girl was diagnosed with Laryngeal papillomatosis. She has had three operations. Doctors installed tracheostomy by means of which Irina is breathing. Unfortunately, frequent relapse forced parents to look for new clinics and other ways of treatment.

Mother: «Treatment at Yeson voice center was successful, but it was time we couldn’t continue it because of no money. With no therapy girl became weaker and this provoked intense papillomas growth, which affected trachea.

Professor Kim Hyong Te from “Yeson voice center” has agreed to start medical treatment, which consists of three stages. The first stage was free of charge, but to continue the treatment we need a lot of money, the amount we don’t possess unfortunately. We have no right to stop the treatment, otherwise intense papillomas growth will affect bronchus and subsequently lungs, and in this case no one save our girl.

Second stage of operations is determined for January, but we are unable to provide it. We are very afraid of being unable to continue the treatment, which will cause critical condition of our girl.

Our daughter humbly endures a lot, hoping for everything to be over and she will be able to live like a usual girl. Irina wants most to attend the school and to be among classmates. She likes dancing, accessorizing, sew soft toys, dresses for dolls, arrange toy house.

In our family raise three beautiful children and money is enough only for daily needs, because only my husband can work. We have no money for necessary treatment, but we do have strong hope in your help! One fine day you helped us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I will be grateful for your help all my life! I pray you, don’t be indifferent to our pain! Give our daughter a chance to live!

We are opening fund raising for her – the needed amount is 12 550 USD (~210 000 MDL).

Diagnosis: laryngeal papillomatosis.
210 000 MDL
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