Makovskyi Gleb, 10 years


In March 2016 Gleb was diagnosed with cancer of nasal synus with metastasis. He was under preparation for the intervention to remove tumor. Doctors said that the eye most probably will not be saved.

Gleb’s family being scared for their boy’s life and dispaired started to look for help in Israel. One clinic agreed to investigate Gleb. In Shiba Clinic he had a number of investigations and consultations. As a result, the previous diagnosis has been changed to “non-differentiated pathologic tumor”, the eye and ear are not affected , both functioning well. Due to the help offered by “Save life” organization and warm hearted people, Gleb could get necessary treatment.

He had 6 courses of chemotherapy. But, because of high treatment cost in Israel, parents decided to move Gleb to “Anadolu” clinic in Turkey. He continues treatment there following European protocol, under which he started his treatment in Israel in Shiba’s Clinic. The treatment scheme was selected correctly, and obtained positive results prove this. Doctors’ teams from both clinics ( Israel and Turkey) insist on importance of having the entire treatment. Current status of Gleb is 30 radiotherapy courses and start of the final stage of the treatment, for which 50 170 USD are needed.

Gleb is very positive, curios and sympathetic boy. He is very good at school, he took part in many contests, and won prizes, he goes to swimming pool, started tae kwon do, takes part in school’s activities. He likes very much playing with small kids and dreams about having his own family sometime. Being in Israel he decided to become a cardio-surgeon and save people’s lives.

Due to the received support Gleb already passed more than half way to his recovery. Boy’s parents addressed to us again for the help to finish the treatment, and maybe in some years from now world will discover a cardio-surgeon, who will save more than one life. To help Gleb Makovskiy we are opening fund raising for the amount of 170 000 MDL, to partially cover his treatment costs.

Diagnosis: non differentiated pathological tumor of nose channels.
170 000 MDL
To raise:
30 000 MDL
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