Madan Katia, 5 years



Misfortunes never come alone, and this has happened to Madan’s family.
On July 29th 2009 a wonderful girl was born Katiusha, … but with complicated heart disease- Fallot’s tetrad. Only being at age of 3 months she was operated, and at 1 year and 9 month a second operation has been performed. Both interventions have been made in Chisinau. Now, doctors have the task to radically correct the defect. But the investigations made in Moldova showed that the problem is even deeper. There is no vein to the left lung in Katia’s body. The girl needs urgent operation for the reconstruction of the missing vein. Interventions with such degree of complexity have not been performed in our country and the risk of death during such surgery is very high. Doctors estimated 70% risk for girl’s death. The time is running…

Katiusha is a very cheerful and lively child, she wants to be as active as others. But, the cyanosis and short breath are so acute that even several steps outside are done with narrow victory.

Tears stands in mother’s eyes when her girl asks about when she will be the same as other children.

The only hope is to have the operation in Germany, but the costs are so high, that could not be covered by the young family with average revenues.

Unfortunately, with this difficult situation pain of Madan family does not end. Katia’s mother is 35 weeks pregnant. The fetus boy was diagnosed with the same disease as his sister- Fallot’s tetrad, severe form of pulmonary artery hypoplasia, pulmonary artery stenosis, and defect of the inter-ventricular septum. The unborn yet baby will need immediate operation after being delivered. Our doctors cannot perform such operations. Abroad, mother will deliver through cesarean operation and immediately after, the new born boy will go through surgery.

A big amount of money is needed , and our State cannot give a support. The only remaining hope is God and us with all of you.

Katia needs to leave for Germany as soon as possible. The cost of operation is 28 980 euro (~ 590 600 MDL).

The Madan’s family situation is very tough. How is it to have fear for both kids’ lives? We do not know, but we believe that everybody who will read this story will keep it in mind and will offer help.

Diagnosis: Fallot’ tetrad, atresia of the left branch of the pulmonary artery.
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