Maria Chitcanean


On January 13, around 4:00 a.m, Masha Chitcanean passed away. The bright memory of the courageous girl.
Turkish doctors did everything what they could do; the child’s was stable in condition. Her mom decided to take a further courses of chemotherapy at home in Moldova and took Masha from Turkey. From her mother words on the way to Moldova the girl get cold and apparently it dramatically worsened her condition. Maria died at home.
This is surprised in bad way all of us, because the girl was really on the mend: she get started to eat normally, she had a good test results. It seemed that nothing portends this trouble. We believed that Christmas miracle can happen. But this did not happen.
We grieve together with Maria’s family and friends. This is an immeasurable grief and irreplaceable loss for parents.
We thank everyone who helped Masha.