Kolisnichenko Maxim, 5 years


Maxim has undergone a surgery in Israel. This surgery helped him to become a normal healthy child. The cost of the surgery was 30 000 US dollars. Now, because of your support, he can breathe. We would like to thank everyone who couldn’t stay indifferent to his misfortune. Thank you mass media, tv channel Moldova1 and TVC 21, radio Europa Plus, newspapers «CNC», «KP», and magazines «Sanatate», and as well internet portals «AllFun.md», «Forum.md»…
We would like to remind his mother request, Angela Colesnicenco:
“Third year when we are living with a tube in larynx. It is very difficult to live in a permanent tension that you child can suffocate. The tube in his larynx is the only way for Max to breathe. But mucus that is accumulating in the tube is always a challenge. When the mucus dries, a peel is forming on the tube walls which is blocking the air to come in. At the very beginning it was a very stressful situation for me and Maxim. Things were even worst because Max didn’t have voice. He could not let out a squeak when he needed help. I was watching him day and night. But thank God, recently his voice started to appear, event though it is not a strong voice. Another major issue is that the air is getting directly into his lungs. The air is not filtered and heated as it is suppose to be. Because of that, when it gets cold, we almost never go out. On the August 26th Maxim celebrated his 4th birthday. He started to realize that he is not like others. He would love very much to run with other kinds in the yard. After running a couple of meters, he can’t hold his breathe due to lack of air. Kids are kids, and they start laugh and make jokes at him. Max is suffering and my hard is bleeding in pain. He is chewing his nails because of sufferings and when he laughs his eyes are full of sadness. Now we have a hope to treat Max. Still this chance is very low, but I want to believe we will succeed.”
We are expressing our enormous gratitude to those people that were involved in Max fate… no he can say Thank You and many other good words.

Diagnosis: larynx stenosis
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