Luca Mihaela, 3 years


Dear friends, funds collection for Mihaela Luca is officially closed!

Mihaela was born on 12/10/2007. When she was 10 month old her mom noticed an uncommon light in her pupil. Parents went to the opthalmologist at the children hospital «E. Kotsaga», in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She urgently was rushed to Odessa, Ukraine to the Filatov’s Institute. Physicians confirmed worst diagnosis after the examination under the general anaesthesia – retinoblastoma (retinal cancer). First of all doctors said her eyes need t be removed, and then chemotherapy was prescribed, which was performed in Cisinau, Republic of Moldova. Then examination in Odessa again, and chemotherapy. Meanwhile we looked for any clinics in Europe, Moscow (Russia), Israel and on 11/24/2008 we departed to Germany for an examination. The doctors gave us a hope, her eyes could be saved but irradiation treatment is needed.

«We applied to Chisinau Administration, published our application of help in «Aif» magazine. We would like to thank everyone who helped us. Money we collected where enough for treatment and next examinations. Mihaela took irradiation treatment in a clinic in Essen, Germany.

She needs to undergo an examination every 10 weeks during the next 5-6 years at least to prevent new nidus of tumour. Mihaela was examined by German doctors five times after irradiaton treatment. The next one is scheduled to take place in November, 2010. Every trip cost about 800 Euro for family.

Mihaela’s father works at glass factory as senior shift and his salary is not enough. Her mother is a nurse in kindergarten. Mihaela has an older brother. He is in primary school 3rd year. The Luka family can’t afford to collect this amount of money every 3 month. That’s why parents decided to ask for a help.

Mihaela is beloved child. She is a very wise girl. Parents hope that with the help of good people they will put this to an end!!!

As of today, new niduses are not developing. It’s very important not to miss this moment.

Help Mihaela to continue her treatment and be happy!

Diagnosis: retinoblastoma (retinal cancer).
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