Milish Maria, 4 years

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The story of this little girl is about adults’ cruelty towards kids. Masha has a twin sister. They were 10 months old when their own mother beat them. Masha fell into coma. During next few days after this incident she did not get any medical assistance, mother did not disclose difficult state of her daughter. When doctors had the possibility to check up on her, they diagnosed cranial fracture and cerebral injury. Masha has almost lost her vision, she could not hear well, she lost ability to eat and drink, her arms and legs were inactive. But grandma and father helped her to survive.

3 years passed from that tragedy, grandma is always besides girls. There was a long and difficult treatment and rehabilitation course. And all the efforts already brought positive results. The little girl is getting better, though she still needs rehabilitation procedures. Grandma and father got in touch with the clinic in Yalta, which is rehabilitating kids with severe form of epilepsy. The medical unit has strong clinical facilities, with surgery for kids with such health conditions.

Treatment is long and complex, involving doctors of different specialties. Russian doctors stated that it is unique case when in 3 years a kid can recover so well. Now she has great chance to step up on her feet, but for this to happen she needs continuation of the treatment. Now Masha is in the wheel chair, her skin gets bedsore, and her right side of the body is paralyzed. Relatives of the girl are counting a lot on your help. And we have a wish, that Masha realizes that adult world is not always so cruel. There is place for good deeds, empathy and help.

1 881 600 RUB are needed for Masha’s treatment. We are opening fund raising for partial (200 000 MDL) cover of the treatment.

You can help Masha!

Diagnosis: consequences of craniocerebral injury, spastic tetra paresis, focal symptomatic epilepsy.
200 000 MDL
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