Mistreanu Liuba, 9 years


Little Liuba is only 9 years old having the diagnosis of – Burkitt’s like Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

She is living in a very friendly family, having 3 more siblings in Ungheni district. Liuba is a very diligent and curious pupil, she is the right hand of her mother! Besides all these merits she is very creative and makes incredibly beautiful beading works.

Her loving family does not blame anyone, and not asking “why”, “what for”, it is just struggling with all their hearts for Luba’s right to live. She is dreaming to come back to school as soon as possible, to return to her brothers, sisters and friends.

For more than one year Liuba is trying to survive. For more than one year she is far away from her family and friends. It’s only mother who is staying next to her. All celebrations, all good news she is sharing with kids from the hospital. Not far from them there is a church, where a nice choir songs can be heard. She is listening to them with her eyes full of tears. Liuba used also to sing in the Church choir. She is very sad she can not be there now… But she keeps struggling! She believes in her recovery and is a real fighter!

After the treatment course she will have to make an investigation in Romania 5100 RON (~ 23 500 MDL). There is no such option in Moldova, as there is no needed equipment. Using the recommended method doctors can detect hidden cancer cells in the body. Tomography and other investigations cannot observe such tiny cells.

This is very important examination, which will show how Liuba’s body reacted to the treatment. If at least one cell will remain undetected, she will have relapse.

Family does not have needed money and there is no one who can help. There are only those who can feel and understand somebody’s else pain.

Diagnosis: limfomului non-Hodgkin cu celule B.
23 500 MDL
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