Moldovanu Stiwin, 5 months


Stiwin Moldovanu was born on January 31st 2015. When his mother was 30 weeks pregnant she had a viral infection, which caused pathology in the development of fetus. After being delivered the new born baby diagnosis was esophageal atresia and spine anomaly.

The little boy went through operation already in his first days of life. After, Stiwin was fed through special probe. Unfortunately, doctors could not correct esophagus defect during first operation. Parents went to N.F. Filatov clinic, where they could be helped.

In April the next operation was performed, complicated and with high risk. Everything went well without complications. After 9 days spent in reanimation department, the baby’s state improved. He was smiling more frequently. His parents were so happy to see their child feeling better. All bad memories from the past when Stivin did not eat and his family was desperately trying to find way out of the difficult situation, remained in the past.

Now the status of Stiwin is stabile and it is time to continue spine treatment.

To collect money for the first trip to clinic, parents had to take a loan, borrow money at their relatives. Our organization contributed with funds as well. In order to continue the treatment 85 570 RUB (~29 100 MDL) is needed. Stiwin is awaited at clinic at the beginning of august. Moldovanu’s family exhausted all their possibilities in collecting funds. They wait for help from us. We ask all who can, please contribute to Stiwin’s treatment. The little boys parents trust doctors, and deeply believe that Stiwin can have a happy life. They also believe that warm hearted people exist.

Diagnosis: Esophageal atresia and spine column anomaly.
29 100 MDL
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