Morarescu Vlad, 7 years



Vlad is 7 years old. He has adapted to live without sight since his birth. When he was four months old his mother realized that he doesn’t react to anything. He used to cry and was afraid of any movements. Upon examination the doctors have found that the boy doesn’t see anything. After a long course of treatment his right eye started to see only 10 % and his left eye started to catch the light.

Vlad goes to an ordinary school because there is no any specialized school in his village. He is very curious and that is why he knows more than his school-mates. Vlad writes very hard, he is not asked to come to the blackboard even though he knows the alphabet very well. In his free time he likes watching the developing programs and playing with his friends.

There are children in the count who are always happy to see Vlad. However, there are some children who make Vald offended because he can’t see well and he is not able to stand up for himself.

The doctors from the medical Centre «Ovisus» are ready to perform a surgery which will increase Vlad’s chances to improve his seeing as well as his full life about which he doesn’t stop to dream. The surgery cost is 34 140 Lei.

Vlad has two elder sisters, they are healthy and they are also studying at school. Their Mom is the only financial resource of the family, she is an ordinary worker at the agriculture farm, father is unemployed, and he is engaged in education of the children. Mother has a large family to provide for alone, particularly when one of the kids is ill and needs a surgery.

Mother is not able to cover the surgery cost, but she needs to save her child.

We ask you to help Vlad out with your fundraising effort. Don’t remain indifferent. Please help the relative faces to be seen for Vlad, help him to become the best student, help him to protect himself and to get rid of complexes, help him to see how much wonderful this world is.

Diagnosis: Retinal detachment. Complicated cataract
34 140 MDL
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