Munjiu Tania, 17 years



The story of 17-year-old Tania Munjiu.

In September 2013, Tania had to go to school, but she could not raise her head from the pillow. Ambulance took her immediately to the emergency room, because arterial blood pressure was 210/165, severe condition. After analysis, was terrible diagnosis- Renal failure. A week later, Tatiana was connected to the hemodialysis machine. It was terrible to explain to my girl, her youth, dreams, her future it will be replaced by drugs and hospital, that hospital pajamas will replace fancy stuff, the hard bed from hospital will replace friends and home. Tania dream is to be a military, but she got stolen by terrible disease. Laugh and smile disappeared from her face, now Tania, always crying.
She often asks the question: how to live further?

Within 11 months, my girl lost 21 kg, suffered many medical interventions, operations, complete intoxication, stroke, now she is in a wheelchair. Her young life turned into a nightmare.

Currently, to improve the quality of life can, only a kidney transplant. People with a big heart and soul, please give us a hand! She wants to live!

Currently Tania is in Minsk. Her life depends on regular hemodialysis expensive procedures: $ 220 2-3 times a week. Mom sold the apartment, to pay for treatment in Minsk. Tania needs funds for kidney transplant.

Overall, we declare the amount of the collection – 60 000 $ USD.

Mom sold all that she had, the only hope are people.

Diagnosis: Renal failure.
422 357 MDL
To raise:
471 643 MDL
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