Nekit Taisiya, 3 years

Некит Таисия

There is a very difficult situation in Nekit family. Mom noticed that the girl began to stumble and  to lose orientation in the familiar environment. The survey showed a complex cataract of both eyes. Little Taya rapidly began to lose sight. Now she sees only 8%. The consequences can be irreversible if not urgently carry out the surgery. A higher chance of recovery now depends on time.

Taya lives with her mother, grandmother and brother. Her father died 2 years ago, mom was left with two small children and practically no funds to live. The only help is the grandmother’s allowance.

All hope of this family is only on us with you. We cannot consign a three-year-old girl to complete blindness, so we open a fundraise in the amount of 55 370 MDL.

Help the little girl to save her eyesight!

Diagnosis: Complicated Cataract
32 179 MDL
To raise:
23 191 MDL
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