Kiril Nepop


Kirill Nepop passed away on January 26th.

For more than two years the boy had fought a complex, atypical tumor which for some periods stopped growing and then affected the child’s body again. Courses of chemotherapy in Moldova and at a clinic in Turkey, small and big victories, fear, pain, a desperate desire to live, the boundless love of his mother, father and brother – that’s what defined Kirill’s last years of life. The sickness returned with a new force, multiple focuses of it were found in the boy’s brain. He grew tired. He watched cartoons and would not talk to anybody. The physicians failed to suggest a treatment which could help Kirill. He died at an intensive care unit, in his motherland.

Thank you to all those who were beside the Nepop family during the difficult periods of the fight against the disease – to all who gave the child several years of life and hope.