Nicolaev Vlad, 4 years


Dear friends, funds collection for Vlad Nikolaev is officially closed!

Mom’s letter: «Hello! My name is Alina Nikolaev. I am a diabetic for 14 years, disabled person, second group. I wanted to have a children, like any other women, although physicians do not recommend pregnancy for diabetic patients. The first pregnancy ended tragically, at 8th months. During a surgery for appendix removal under general anesthesia our baby died. It was a huge loss for us, but we still hoped.

The miracle happened on June 1, 2007 when our son Vlad was born. Everything was well until he was 3 years old, when doctors found that his spleen has dramatically increased due to portal hypertension.
In November 2011 at the Mother and Child Medical Center, he was diagnosed with: » cavernous transformation of portal vein and its branches, portal hepatic liver hypertension with the formation of multiple portosystemic colateral». Now Vladik needs a surgery in Moscow, Russian Federation. Such types of surgery can’t be performed in the Republic of Moldova. It is important to do the surgery as soon as possible because the risk of hemorrhage is very high (weak veins).

Our dad works really hard, and I’m taking care of our son at home now. Because we were often moving from one apartment to another, our son was not going to kindergarten. We do not have our own house and my husband’s salary is only enough to pay for lease/rent, utilities and basic necessities. Now our boy is 4 and half years old, he goes to child care center. He is fully developed, likes to paint and assemble puzzles. Vlad wants to become a doctor to treat people as «Uncle George – our surgeon».

The total cost of the surgery at the Filatov Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 13, located in Russia is about 98 275 RUB, or 3070 USD. According to doctor’s predictions, the timely and successful surgery will ensure complete recovery for our son. Unfortunately, we don’t have such of money. We are kindly asking everyone’s help to get our child well!»


29.01.2012: Unfortunately, but the professor Razumovsky could not come from Moscow, because the itinerary of the Moscow-Chisinau-Moscow flights has changed. Professor Razumovsky is the chief of the department of the hospital № 13 “Filatov”. New changes where not acceptable to him, because he would be imposed to stay in Moldova longer than planned initially. But in Russia patients are waiting for him. Fundraising for Vladik is opened again. So far we have collected 11 300 lei.

Diagnosis: cavernous transformation of portal vein and its branches, portal hepatic liver hypertension with the formation of multiple portosystemic colateral.
11 300 MDL
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