Negura Niculina, 12 years


Dear friends, funds collection for Niculina Negura is officially closed for the year 2011!

Victoria Bank management team recently adopted the decision to offer 40 000 lei from their social fund “Charity” for Niculina and her mother Ludmila treatment. Niculina’s mother is expressing their sincere gratitude to everyone who was helping her family. Now for a full year they will have enough money for medicines and Niculina will be receiving in due time all necessary treatment. Thank you very much!

Niculina and her mother need permanent treatment, without of which they can’t live – homodialysis. The family turn to us, they need medical and other help.

We were asked to help Liudmila Negura’s family. To help with all we can – clothes, food, money for drugs. There are probably a lot of such stories how difficult is to survive in village with a disabled child and teenager girl which goes to college. But this is a rather complicated case. Mother (Liudmila) is also a person with disabilities of 1st category. Her disease is so advanced, that a recovery is impossible. Liudmila feels better periodically but sometimes she feels very bad. She has a heart disease now. The family consists of 3 girls. Two of them are minors. Father left them and doesn’t take any participation in girl’s future.

Bellow I quote the mother’s letter:

«My name is Negura Liudmila. I’m an disabled person of 1st category for about eight years. I have two minor daughters: the elder is Irina, she study in Balti (Republic of Moldova) against contract for accountant – operator, the youngest is Niculina, she’s like me ill. She needs kidney transplantation.

We both, me and my youngest daughter, need periodical treatment – hemodialysis in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), which is vitally necessity for us. We both live on disability benefits. Our monthly income is 1500 MDL (around 120 US dollars). This isn’t enough for food and we always need medications to maintain our kidney’s basic functions. Just one shot to increase our hemoglobin costs around 120 MDL and we must go through this expensive treatment every time after hemodialysis.

We don’t have even our home. We live at my old parent’s house and they can’t help me to treat, feed and give education to my daughters (when elder daughter come visit us I have nothing to give her – no food, no clothes.)

The illness creates difficulties for me to do my home job. I am physically very weak, I get tired very fast. We don’t have our draw and I must go to our neighbors for water and wait when somebody will help me to get pail of water, because I can’t do this by myself. We freeze in the winter time because we don’t have money for heating and local government doesn’t want to help us. We don’t have from whom to expect help, my husband left us up when I told him about my disease.
I’m so despair and feel myself helpless, the illness don’t let me to be strong and my daughter’s suffering don’t let me believe in the future. We remain face to face with illness and sorrow. I ask charitable people to help our family to support us, to pray for us, to help me recover and to cure my daughter because there is nothing more terrible rather than see how your child is suffering.

Based on the current health conditions other medicines are needed in addition for dialyses, but which we can’t afford

Eprex 4000
Neorecormon 4000
Repretin 4000
Repretin 2000

We also need to take calcium and vitamins which is also expensive.

Regretfully my parents can’t help us, they don’t have such a possibility. My father wants to kick us out, turns off the light, but we have no place to go.

I’m tired of life and permanent struggle – we don’t have enough money for basic needs and food.

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