Pinzaru Gheorghe, 12 years



Gheorghe Pinzaru 12 years old. In October 2013, a boy who always led an active lifestyle, played in the school football team, learned to play the clarinet – one day could not get out of bed. The boy’s hands and feet stopped to move. Doctors diagnosed glioblastoma. This is a very aggressive form of brain tumor that grows rapidly and spreads to surrounding tissue.

To confirm the diagnosis, his parents took the boy to Germany. Within two weeks, the tumor increased by 2 times, and the diagnoses was confirmed.

Today Gheorghe is in Turkish clinic “Neolife”, he has already received 14 courses of chemo and radiotherapy, he slowly begins to walk, but gets tired quickly and sleeps a lot. The first stages of treatment were paid for by the parents with Gheroghe’s relatives, friends and classmates of the boy. Now Gheorghe need 16 similar treatments. The price for his chance for life is 6000 euros.

The Pinzaru family has 5 children, at home Gheorghe is waited by his 4 brothers. Big family can’t afford such costs, that’s why, they asked to all of us for help.

Gheorghe life’s in danger, help us to save it!

Diagnosis: glioblastoma
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