Caraivan Pasha, 8 years



Paul was born on 26.02.2006. Now the boy is 8 years old and before he never had the special health problems. Pasha grew up as an active and healthy boy. The family was proud of his excellent performance in school and sport. Like any boy, he likes to watch football with his dad. From early childhood he knows all of football teams and he is a fan of «Real». He dreams of becoming a soccer player, despite the fact that more than two years he practices judo and not football.

In August 2014 his mother noticed that Pasha changed the voice tone and the lymph nodes on the neck increased. The treatment prescribed by a family doctor, was inconclusive. The child was sent to the Oncological Clinic. There the boy has been diagnosed with «cancer of the lymph nodes». Pasha immediately started to be treated, but it became clear that the disease is in progress. The family decided to take Paul to Moscow, in the clinic of Blokhin N.N.

After the careful examination, the doctors came to the conclusion that Pasha was struck by the Non-Hodgkin’s T-lymphoblastic lymphoma. This type of lymphoma can’t be cured by an operation and it is called as «walking», what means, that it can spread to several organs. Therein lies its peculiarity and severity. Today Pavel is in a state of moderate severity, but in high-risk group. He already had 2 courses of chemotherapy from 8 prescripts. Pasha is used to fight. Before, he had to fight on the competitions, but now he has to do it every day.

The preliminary cost of the next course of chemotherapy and treatment is 605 000 RUR (~181 500 MDL).

Pasha’s parents and his older sister, asking for help from anyone who want and who can help a cheerful and inquisitive Pasha to win such a terrible, not child disease.

Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin’s T-lymphoblastic lymphoma
147 701 MDL
To raise:
33 799 MDL
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