Pismeniuk Eva, 4 years


The story of Eva’s life is a story about pain and struggle with it. The girl was lucky with her parents, who do not give up and do everything possible to alleviate Eva’s condition and help her to adapt to life.

Cerebral palsy and its attendant diseases require constant rehabilitation. We have already helped Eva with treatment, now she is in dire need of our support again.

This year, Eva underwent two rehabilitation courses in Kiev, at the Center for Brain Stimulation, aimed to improve psychological and mental development. After these courses, the girl began serving herself also she eats and drinks by herself. Her speech improved and it is more understanding and there are new sounds and syllables that she can say.

Now the need for physical rehabilitation comes to the fore, as the child still has problems with coordination, fine and large motor skills, muscular weakness progresses.

Doctors believe that Eva has every chance of recovery with proper work and rehabilitation measures. Therefore, parents are asking for help in their constant struggle for the health of their daughter.

We are opening a fundraiser in the amount of 42 500 MDL and hope a lot for your attention and help.

Diagnosis: Сerebral infantile paralysis, congenital cytomegalovirus infection, poor hearing 1st degree.
42 500 MDL
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