Portean Valentin, 17 years


Already for several times we offered Valentin financial support.

He was born healthy boy, but when at age of  6 years, he was diagnosed with progressing muscular Duchenne dystrophy. This is a very serious disease which affects muscles of the whole body and leads at the end to the total loss of ability to move. Along 10 years of the fight with his disease Valentin has had a number of operations, treatment and rehabilitation courses.

Not so far Valentin has returned from Poland, where he has had the 3rd course. His state improved significantly. His muscles got stronger and bigger, respiratory system works better, he has better appetite and in general  is more robust. Negative symptoms of tiredness diminished. He does not have any pain in joints, arms and legs.

Due to the strong willpower and hard work Valentin continues studying in the lyceum. He made many friends from different countries in the virtual space, who are supporting him. Valentin is making plans for the future and wants to become a good IT specialist. In his leisure time he is painting, thus expressing his emotions. His dream is to step on the feet and be able to walk.

Portean family is very grateful to all who offered financial support, without which the treatment would not be possible.

One course of 60 days is 13000 euro. If the treatment stops the risk of losing all obtained results is very high.

Valentin’s parents are asking for help again. We are opening fundraising for him in the amount of 200 000 MDL.

Diagnosis: pseudohypertrophic muscular Duchenne's dystrophy.
200 000 MDL
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