Railean Valeria-Andreea, 11 years


Raielan family is living in Falesti administrative unit. Valery and Diana have 4 children aged between 10-15. There is a serious illness in this family- which is transmitted from the father to the kids – osteogenesis imperfecta, known also as “brittle bones”. People with such disease have very fragile bones, which break easily. With age this disease steps back, bones becoming stronger, but during childhood the broken bones is usual occurrence. The consequences of these constant fractures are present in form of long lasting bone recovery, deformation and pain. Valery- father of the family had 25 fractures before he reached age of 18. He has one leg 2 cm shorter, and he cannot stay on foot for longer time.

Unfortunately 2 kids of their family have inherited this disease. But Valeria Andrea has it in a more severe form. By age of 11 she had 19 fractures, 14 of them were on her left leg. As a consequence she had severe deformation of the hip bone, leg becoming 7 cm shorter. The last fracture Valeria had in August 2015, when right leg and elbow of left hand were broken. For 9 years this little girl cannot walk.

To be able to stand on her feet Valeria needs an operation which will make her bone longer, with installation of a special inserter – telescopic traction- which will prevent the bone from being broken and deformed.

Unfortunately, such operation cannot be performed in Moldova. Parents have found a clinic in Bucharest, which can help little girl. This is a chance for her to get of wheel chair and walk. Valeria is praying every morning and evening to get better. Once she asked her mother : “ Why do I need legs, if I cannot walk?”. With tears in her eyes poor mother tried to encourage her daughter, that there will be a moment when she will be able to stand and walk.

The cost of operation is 45 500 RON. This is too big amount for Railean family. “Save life” is opening fund raising for Valeria Andreea Railean for 200 000 MDL.

We kindly ask you to help Valeria to get well!

Diagnosis: osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones)
200 000 MDL
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