Rusu Sergiu, 11 years



Serioja was born on 20 July 2002. The boy grew up strong and healthy. He started saying his first words by the age of one year, his parents were so happy with that!

But soon something wrong happened, his development stopped. The doctors couldn’t diagnose his illness for a long time. Some of them suspected epilepsy, others supposed ISP, or ISP, deep mental retardation, autism. Only in a long period of time the diagnosis was clarified – infantile autism.
The family couldn’t survive the tragedy together. The father has gone abroad to earn money, and the mother left Serioja in the boarding school in Orhei, where he stayed for more than six months. Sick, abandoned, lacking caress and attention. How did he feel like?

Finding out where his son was, the father came back and took the boy back home. Now Serioja lives with his father and his grandparents. The boy has never seen his mom anymore. During 7 years Serioja had one sanatorium treatment and 4 times in the rehabilitation center.

Serioja has no brothers and sisters, he likes rustling candy wrappers and paper. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t smile, he lives in his own world, isolated of what is occurring around.

To help Serioja in socialization, the treatment in M.Bekhterev Psychoneurological Research Institute is needed. The preliminary cost of the course is 115 000 RUB.

His grandparents are pensioners, his father has no regular incomes, they can’t afford this money. But it is very necessary to socialize the boy, to teach him to communicate and to integrate into society. It is hard, but possible. World practice of working with people suffering fom autism proves this.

Diagnosis: ISP (infantile cerebral paralysis), deep mental retardation, autism
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