Ruzibaeva Guzal, 1 year



A story of 1.5 years old baby girl which can’t be ignored.
Guzali was born at 31 weeks gestation weighting 1 kg 850 gr. For a long time she was kept by artificial respiration, for 1.5 months she was incubated. Red spots have appeared on her face on the 9th day of her life. Doctors told that it is allergy. However, when these sports became growing and developing the doctors diagnosed: “Extensive hemangioma of face and mouth”. Every ten child has hemangioma, but only one child in thousands can be reached by such dimensions and his life to be threatened. If the girl does not get cured on time the illness can spread to the internal organs, and cause choking and kill baby.
Guzali was operated already 10 times, 8 surgeries were made in Moscow, because such surgeries are not carried out in Moldova. During the 8th surgery the operation did not work because the baby’s heart was stopped. Cardiac arrest is explained by doctors as follows: Guzel’s heart can not withstand such frequent introduction of anesthesia. The 9th and 10th surgery was carried out in the USA. Doctors in New York could save Guzel’s eye since the hemangioma has passed on the area of eyelid and baby’s sight became worse day by day.
In order to remove hemangioma completely and for plastic surgery the girl is supposed to be operated 6 times more. The numbers of surgery depend on the child’s body.
The surgeries costs are very expensive and parents already have no money. For Guzali’s treatment (who is forth child in the family) parents have spent about 1 million Lei. Parents have sold everything they had, moved to the unconstructed old house and have no more income sources.
18.500 US $ is needed for carrying out the next surgery. The kid is waited in the hospital on January, 2013. The tickets are already purchased.
Guzali needs our urgent help!

Diagnosis: Extensive hemangioma of face and mouth
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