Samofalov Sasha, 5 months



All moms with the small kids cannot sleep at nights. Sasha Samofalov’s mom cannot sleep because she is scared that her 5-months-old son can suffocate.

Sasha was born with lymphangioma on the right side of his neck. Lymphangioma is a benign malformation that tends to grow in size. Because it is located in the neck, Sasha has difficulty breathing and may suffocate from the airway compression.

The surgical removal is the only treatment in the case of lymphangiomas. The Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Children’s Hematology in Moscow is willing to operate on Sasha. Masha Capmoale, one of our patients with the same diagnosis, was successfully operated at the same clinic.

The surgery is set on September 16th. The cost of operation is about 494,975 Rub (U$ 15,000). Sasha’s parents have about 77,500 Rub (U$ 2,300) but this will be barely enough to cover travel and lodging expenses. The family is fully relying on donations. Their income is low. Sasha’s father works in the construction and mother is sitting at home with the children. They have two more boys: Nikita, 10 years old and Stefan, 1.5 years old.

The money is needed as soon as possible as the clinic will not operate without a prepayment. We ask you to donate anything you can please. The amount is quite big and it is needed now!

We want to see Sasha healthy. Fortunately, he was born in a loving big family. He is surrounded by people who adore him. His older brothers cannot wait to play together. We are sure Sasha will recover from the operation fast and the family will be happy again. But now they need just a little help…

Diagnosis: Lymphangioma in the neck
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