Barduk Savva, 2 years


Savva needed urgent surgery. Unfortunately such of surgery is not performed in Moldova at all. But the doctors from Berlin Cardiological Center gave him a hope. The surgery was done successfully! The price of surgery was 46 000 Euro initially, but German volunteers agreed upon the lower price 31 155 Euro. And we would like to thank them for that! Also we thank Moldova1, TVC21, radiostation Europa Plus, Radio 21, newspapers «KP.MD», «CNC», magazine «Sanatate» and etc., forums, и… Thanks for all who helped, every sum of money approached the day of surgery. Thank from Savva’s parents and relatives.

There you can see how Savva have been living before surgery. As mom told:» Almost 9 months we lived with tension and fear for life of our little son. Every night we were trying to listen to his breath. He can’t have a cold but almost every month we were fighting against pneumonia. We have cardiological examination every 3 months and every time we have emotion about the results of the investigation. We have only one hope it’s a God and good people whose are ready to help.»

Thanks from dad: «You know, our son became another person after surgery. He gained 12 kg weight, he has appetite, lips became red and cheeks rose, dyspnea disappeared. Savka became so active, he is even running, and when felt he put his arms ahead, so the reaction became faster. But before this surgery when he felt he hit his head and cried as long as he faint away. There is no more faints. We are happy to see him so active. Certainly he has cold some times but it’s not a problem comparative to those we have had. We are planning an examination in September in Berlin Center, it’s free after surgery. We pray that he will never had changes in health and he’ll grow without any problems. We thank those who helped us and gave us a hope for a better future and I know because of you he’ll be good. We’ll never forget your goodness!!!»

Diagnosis: congenital heart disease
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