Sitnik Evod, 16 years


This is a story about a boy with unusual destiny. When he was 2 years old, his mother left him in the Baby Nursing home. She considered his son’s congenital heart disease as strong reason to do so. After 2 years, grandmother managed to get tutelage for Evod. Shortly after, he was operated. Since then, he is under constant medical monitoring, he is not allowed to have any physical load. But this tough interdictions could not influence his desire to play basketball and volleyball. Evod was smart enough, to participate in the competitions, with his family not knowing about it, and hit the top position with his team.

Another passion of Evod is painting. He is self-learner, but his works are real masterpieces (he is excellently replicating portraits and landscapes).

Evod is a good pupil, his wish is to become a medical doctor. But his plan’s are being jeopardized by the sudden worsening of his vision. Doctors discovered congenital glaucoma. He has been urgently operated, it seemed that everything went well. But, some months later, the situation worsens again. Due to the puberty related processes, he had a high intraocular tension, which caused again development of glaucoma. Now, one of his eye has only 0,03% vision.

Evod needs urgent operation on both eyes. If this is not done, the changes will be irreversible, and will lead to the total blindness. Evod’s parents are not next to their son, the grandmother has a disability. She cares a lot for Evod, but does not have money to pay for the operation.

It is necessary to collect 59 658 MDL. Dear friends, let’s not leave Evod with his misfortune!

Diagnosis: congenital bilateral glaucoma
59 658 MDL
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